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Here we go….my first blog entry. Judging by most of the events in my life that come close to being termed ‘interesting’, I can presume that many of my posts will have something or the other to do with my life at IIT. So, I’m gonna start with something off track.

In the first week of my summer vacation, I’ve taken 6 flights, 3 train rides, and a million cab rides. That makes my average speed for this week of about 75kmph (Yes, I actually am jobless enough to have calculated this) !! So why don’t I give a snippet of my experience…

My excruciatingly painful 4th semester had just ended. Me and my family had decided to escape from the scorching summer heat by fleeing to Leh (capital of Ladakh). View from the flight After two delayed flights, an unfriendly cabin crew and a sleepless night, we arrived at 6 in the morning at Leh, where the air hostess announced that the temperature outside was 1 degree celsius. That didn’t do much of a good job of improving my mood. On stepping out, the weather made me wonder wether this was really better than the heat….. During the baggage collection, the airport had a power cut!!! Definitely a first in my list of experiences :P. On reaching the guesthouse, we were greeted by my dad’s friend who gave a first impression of being a socio psychopath (but later turned out to be a great guy and helped us throughout our stay there). Due to the high altitude (over 15,000 ft), the oxygen content is pretty low up at such locations. Even a brisk walk leaves you panting like you just ran a mile.So we were asked to rest for a day and not even take a bath so that our bodies could adjust to the new environment. I was more than happy to oblige :D.

Something that I noticed is that all the animals, ranging from a cat to a cow, were extra-ordinarily HAIRY…and I mean REALLY HAIRY (or maybe furry is a better term) !!! I guess that’s nature’s way of helping them adapt to these surroundings. On the bright side, it made even the dirtiest of street dogs look cute. Another keen observation was the nature of the locals. They were disturbingly nice!! Made me almost sad to see how kind and helpful they could be…Always eager to help and even in the tourist hot-spots, they never overcharge you by even a buck. I’m pretty sure that even slapping one of them hard wouldn’t take that smile off their face (I came pretty close to testing this theory).

3rd highest pass in the world
We had a nice time roaming around and having a look at some gorgeous locations. I also had a walk on the third highest mountain pass (18,000 ft above sea level) of the world which is so damn cold and snowy that it can make your head spin in no time.

The last day had us visiting the India-China border near the Pang Ong lake. On the way back it snowed and got us stuck in the middle of nowhere. Although we were freezing to death, I must say it was a delightful experience on a whole. We got back safe and sound at 6 in the evening after leaving at 7 in the morning. The return journey to Bangalore was quite uneventful, and left me thinking “What next??”…..