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Welcome to the age of stupid. Tough things are getting easier and the easy stuff doesn’t even need to be done anymore. Sparkly vampires wrapped in flour are considered bad-ass and “reality shows” that hook celebrities to safety gear and calls them daring are considered cool. Paris Hilton’s dog rivals Obama in publicity. The average 15- to 24-year-old now spends about 8 minutes reading each day and anyone without an Ipod is considered from the stone age.

Omegle is one site that lets you talk to random strangers while staying anonymous. A good way to kill some time at others’ expense. I had a go at it a few times and the chat below is one of the examples of the kind of people you can meet. We tend to hang around sane people like ourselves but if we look at the whole world, its mind boggling to see how many people are way over the line of being called not-so-smart.

I was reading a few blogs about instances that made me want to just facepalm and go AAAAA!. There’s the mother who insists her child get a pair of glasses that are much too big for him, because he will “grow into them”, courses for people who are not smart enough to use their smartphones, a gay rights protestor holding up a sign that says “Homosexuals are Gay” & of course, GOD! (Didn’t think I’d leave out the best selling fictional character of all times, did you?!)

So often I’ve read how people blame the new age technologies or the internet for being the cause of the stupid era. I beg to differ. The world we live in is a global one. We now have the resources to limitless knowledge. Wether you use it to access porn or discovery, that’s upto you! We are force fed large doses of shows that promote mediocracy. Leave me alone you incompetent idiots. You’re killing my gray cells!! I didn’t really want to make this post regarding my take on why ‘Generation Y’ seems to be getting dumber by the day, so gonna leave you to think it over….