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My Bucket List

Posted: December 25, 2010 in Everyday stuff, Misc
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I think it’s about time I created a bucket list. A list of activities I must accomplish before I kick the bucket, in order to know and be content that I have done all the things that I have wanted to, in my little life. Ever feel your days are passing by without any tangible output to speak of? Look at the things you did and the things you’re planning to do next – Do they mean anything to you if you are to die today?

I have been compiling this list for quite some time now, and I believe I now have enough things to have a long enough to-do list. I shall update this page as and when I need to, for varying reasons like completing a task (will strike out the task as I do so), finding a task to be impractical (will remove it from the list in such an event) or finding a new one to add. The sole reason for me to publish this list on my blog is to motivate myself (and maybe others) to get out of my comfort zone and experience something I may be able to look back at, say 10 years from then, and tell an amazing story.

So here goes (the order of the tasks is not important) :

1) Fly in a hot-air balloon across a country

2) Learn wine appreciation [Feb 2013 – Santiago, Chile]

3) Complete a solo sky dive

4) Climb a 5000m mountain

5) Run a marathon [Aug 2013 – Perth, Australia]

6) Fly in a fighter jet

7) Bungee jump from the world’s highest tower

8) Be a certified paraglider [Dec 2010 – Kamshet, India]

9) Be a certified scuba diver [Sep 2012 – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia]

10) Take my parents on an extravagant vacation abroad

11) Stay awake for 72 hours straight

12) Travel into space

13) Learn how to sail

14) Speak to an audience of hundreds (or possibly thousands) of people

15) Appear on television [Jan 2008 – Kharagpur, India] (was featured on a local television as part of a feature on the campus placements of my college)

16) Dress up in a costume party [April 2011 – Kharagpur, India]

17) Travel to Antarctica

18) Get a tattoo [June 2010 – Shanghai, China]

19) Trek through a rainforest

20) Build a tree house and live a day in it

21) Learn to operate firearms

22) Learn at least two forms of dancing

23) Complete a triathlon [Apr 2013 – Perth, Australia]

24) Bury a time capsule with key memoirs in a secret location,and open it after 10 years

25) Get arrested

26) Drive a Formula One car

27) Play the guitar live to an audience

28) Walk into a store, break something expensive intentionally and pay for it

29) Ask 10 complete strangers (girls), on the same day, out for a date

30) Drive on the German autobahn at 200kmph

31) Witness Halley’s Comet in 2061

32) Tell kids they’re adopted, and record their reaction

33) Own a Cafe

34) Do a wingsuit flight

35) Run the Boston marathon before you’re 40

36) Travel to Finland and sleep in an Igloo under the Northern Lights

37) Watch the sunset from Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza

38) WDive in the Mariana Trench