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Booooring Winter :(

Posted: December 16, 2008 in holiday
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This winter has sure been a wild ride. First of all on my way back on train to bangalore for hols, the Ticket Checker gives my ticket a glance and says “Alright get off the train at the next station”. Im like “WTF!!”. apparently my ticket was dated for the next day!! Never thought I would get on a train a day early!!! A few guys heading to bangalore were there to help me out fortunately. We talked to the T.T and bribed him till he would let me have a berth in the sleeper compartment. The guys kept offering me beer during the “negotiations” 🙂 . Talk bout having a good time even in the worst cases. In the end, I had to leave the AC compartment but it was getting off the train 😀 .Got my ticket cancelled at Visakhapatnam the next day and got some 500 buks bak. So in all, had to just spend around 300 buks extra to reach home a day earlier. Not a bad deal if you ask me 🙂 .

Back home, was quite boring in the beginning. Taking joy rides on my bro’s bike, playing computer games, hitting the gym and watching movies is what I did all day long . But after a few days, no matter what your schedule is, you will get sick of it if there’s no variation. Later, me and my family headed for Kerala for a week. Then trip was in our car which made it interesting. The trip was through forests and highways. We visited caves and waterfalls on the way. Stayed at a resort where we took a trip on a house boat and also went for canoeing.

On our way back a half drunk half deaf guy was riding his cycle on the wrong lane. We were traveling at 110 kmph and ended up banging him…Thankfully my bro (who was driving at that time) was able to swing the car around a bit at the nick of time whihc avoided any serious injuries. Although the fault was ENTIRELY that faggot’s , the villagers gathered and started pressuring us. Now, we’ve had experiences of such cases before and if this leads to a court case almost ALWAYS the person driving the bigger vehicle pays irrespective of the culprit. So we ended up paying the guy 500 buks and leaving before he could make more fuss of it. Now I’m back home bored again….

Christmas coming up soon and looking forward to it. Its always a great time with such a great festive atmosphere ( not to mention the OOOHHH-SO-HOT girls :D) . Got a great new phone (N79) ( ) as a christams-cum-bday gift, so finding ways to keep myself occupied. 10 more days till I get back to KGP so gotta find some way to kill some more time 😀 .