The Chicken or The Egg??

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Misc
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I’m sick and tired of hearing this question over and over again. If you ask me (which you probably won’t, but that won’t stop me), the answer lies within a simple question:

Are you a creationist or an evolutionist?

Yup, the answers are different based on what theory you believe in. If you think that’s blasphemy and that this riddle is not one to be solved, a simple analysis may make you think otherwise…

Let’s be pragmatic and think of how the chicken/egg came to be. If we back up a bit and imagine a world without the chicken/egg, a time where a more primitive form of the animal existed, we might be assisted in getting an insight to the problem. Suppose it is the animal X that led to the birth of the chicken. Since X is the immediate predecessor of the chicken, it would be safe to assume that it follows similar ways of reproduction as the chicken and hence, lays eggs. What’s vital now is to identify the point in time where the chicken/chicken egg originates. Notice that I shall now refer to the egg as chicken egg since we are now dealing with X as well.

This is where the tricky part comes in. The ambiguity arises in figuring out if the animal X turns to chicken first or the egg that it lays turns to chicken egg first.


This is what I stick by. An animal does not transform into something else during its own lifetime. It does so over a period of time through evolution. So you can only say a new species has been originated (a very fine line to distinctly claim that) when the egg laid by its predecessor has been altered enough to give birth to the new species, say a chicken! This would suggest that X lays a chicken egg at some point in evolution which leads to the chicken. Hence, the answer is THE EGG!


This would suggest that the egg that X lays must ALWAYS be an X egg and that the only way for a chicken to come up would be for X to turn *POOF* into a chicken abruptly! It’s only from this point on that the eggs would be chicken eggs. So, from this perspective, THE CHICKEN came first. I know it’s not too convincing, but hey! Tell that to the child molesters!!

So there you go. One of life’s greatest mysteries solved and laid out before you.. YOU’RE WELCOME!

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