Posted: February 28, 2010 in Misc
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Most people who get through to IITs will tell you that it was the biggest achievement of their lives. The same is true for me, although I must admit that I wish to change that fact. You can’t dwell on the past forever. I’m not half the person I was then (I mean that in a good way). Besides, I’m sure calling yourself an IIT-ian wouldn’t be much of a feat, 5 years down the line. All I can hope is that I can soon make a name for myself in the near future, so that I may not have to use this sorry excuse as a proof of my capabilities.

But what I’d talk about is something that happened during my quest to reach the so-called Utopia. I was part of a crowd that believed in nothing but working like robots to do one thing and one thing only………CRAM! We were made to believe that those of us who could prove to be better than others were winners while the rest were mere mortals who could only hope to reach us. What kept us going was the constant reminder that if we toiled hard enough for 2 years, the rest of our lives would be a cake-walk.

The director of the institution, known only as ‘K.K’, kept boosting our morale. But his ways were different than conventional ones. He did not tell us that the goal was achievable with hard work. What he made us believe was that the goal was there so that we could go get it. He kept reminding us that we were way too good to be competing with the rest and tried hard to make us more confident that we should have been. One of the students’ parents paid K.K a visit, and explained to him that their son was acting cocky and was under the impression that he was already fit to write the exams that were to be faced an year later. The parents were worried that the overconfidence pumped into their children might be their downfall. K.K assured them that it would be their strengths….. He explained that coupled with the sheer pressure he would face in the coming months, his state of mind would drop from that of over-confidence, to confidence, and that would be the factor driving him to the finish line, compared to the others who would drop from confidence to inferiority.

It may sound ridiculous or utter bullshit, but I now feel that the trick might have worked. For I see now, that I am where many better than me failed to reach, not because I was more deserving or gifted. But because one man made me believe that I was God………which I was not.

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